Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Plan from Here

After Shattered Throne was Greenlit, I mostly faded out of view as per my nature.  Seeing as it is the start of a new year, I thought it a good time to share the plan going forward with Shattered Throne, which I have ever been hard at work on.

At the end of December I finished my latest beta build of the game, which was a major balance update, hopefully the last to see large changes across all units.  At the same time I was talking with the team behind the site Betar, which have an amazing idea, perfect for small developers like myself: create a service to connect game developers with beta testers, and offer a framework for interaction and rewards for testers.  I put this latest beta version of Shattered Throne up on their site as part of their public beta, the irony of which gives me some amusement.  Seriously, check these guys out, even if you could care less about Shattered Throne, it is the type of service which will only realize its potential by gaining a large active user base.

It has already provided me with some helpful information on bugs and accessibility I need to act on.  I am planning the next beta version to be available in mid January.  Besides the usual collection of fixes and balance tweaks (sadly have not quite hit the sweet spot), this version will contain a rework of the Campaign scenarios, introduce a new scoring mechanism (much like the one in Advance Wars), and allow the saving and watching of replays.

If all goes well and no major issues arise, the next goal is to have a soft release near the end of February (pre-release in Steam terms).  This build will feature the hard mode campaign, puzzle and skirmish (one-off) maps, and the ability to spend in game coins (earned by beating games with high ranks) on game unlocks.  I have always been concerned about the infrastructure supporting online play, and I hope that a soft release such as this will give me a chance to iron out any issues, as well as provide a final chance to ensure proper game balance.

If there are no major issues, it will be near the start of April that I do an official release.  In which I also intend to include a map editor and a small mini-game to waste the in game coins on when a player has unlocked everything.

From there, I plan to continue to support the game with bug and balance fixes.  I also have 2 Factions that were left on the cutting room floor.  If enough people have interest in the game, I would love to brush those off, commission the necessary art assets and package them with an additional campaign as an expansion pack.

Those are my plans at least.  Though I have also learned countless times how difficult it is to get everything together on time, so these are not hard dates, but rather my hopes.  I also owe everyone a conclusion to the AI series I started several years ago while starting on Shattered Throne, and I would also like to provide details on how I implemented the Async multiplayer server for interested developers.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Armies of the Fae Court

Born from the will of living land, the Fae Court defends wilds with both ferocity and grace. The Fae armies rely on speed to focus the point of the attack at their choosing. Their ability to quickly redeploy allows them to outwit their opponents in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Though small in stature, their magical nature keeps them hidden, making them difficult targets. Their ability to quickly deploy and flight allows the Fae to quickly control a wide expanse of the battlefield.

These blademasters dominate their enemies with whirling twin blades equally adept at turning aside the weapons of their opponents, and delivering lightning fast strikes.

Masters of the land, they take full advantage of the terrain, sniping targets with their bows from afar. Their keen senses and knowledge of the land allow them to rapidly change their position.

Glade Rider
Astride swift steeds, the Glade Rider is always a step ahead of their prey. Letting lose poisoned arrows, and then swiftly retreating.

The great druids are ever vigilant, as the caretakers of the wilds, Druids use their command of the natural elements to cast powerful enchantments which regenerate the wounds of friends and bind their enemies.

The great magestic Unicorn bolsterd the Fae ranks. Their magical horns turn aside enemy curses, and pierce magical defenses.

In times of war, even the trees themselves awaken to do battle. Hurling great stones which smash enemy armor, and planting themselves when stationary to protect against attacks.

Wild terrors which instill terror in all. A frenzy of tearing claws and slicing beak, they rip through enemy ranks as unstoppable forces of nature.

Agile craft which elude enemy attacks and excel in wolfpack tactics.

Giant vessels made up of a living tree, the Fae Arks provide a formidable platform for over water transport.

All details are subject to change in the name of balance and flavor

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Shattered Throne