Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Shattered Throne released on Steam

At long last, I am happy to announce the transition of Shattered Throne from Early Access to Full Release on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  It has been a long road, and having quite the mix of emotions right now, but one thing is for sure, I am proud of this game and hope that you enjoy it.


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Shattered Throne now available on Steam Early Access

Though the it has been a long road, I am very excited to announce that Shattered Throne is now available through Steam Early Access.

Shattered Throne store page

There were two primary reasons for choosing to release in Early Access.  The first was the need to balance the game properly, which requires lots of eyes and people trying things I never expected.  The second is to test out and exercise the backend server I am using to handle asynchronous multiplayer games.

This project has taken more than twice as long as I originally anticipated.  One major reason being the switch from using XNA to Unity as my game engine, though the switch over process was not too difficult, it did mean getting familiar with a new environment.

This release includes the full campaign, asynchronous online play, and a few one off skirmish scenarios.  The following remaining features are planned to roll out over the course of Early Access, which I hope to last about 4-5 months.

- In game scenario editor with Steamworks support to share your creations
- More in depth asynch play, with multiple game types (such as fast play and epic) as well as leader boards and Steam notifications
- More scenarios, lots lots more.  Including puzzle and challenge maps as well as a hard mode campaign
- Steam achievements, unlocks, and trading cards

This project also suffered overly from scope creep, a developers worse nightmare, though this time I was the one pushing for additional features.  This resulted in a number of features that were not in the original plan such as 2 extra units per side, naval units and transports, settlement upgrading, and unit experience and leveling up.

There is still a lot of work to be done, and I hope that putting the game out there at this stage will give me good solid feedback to shape it into a great strategy title.