Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dark Delve Character Classes

In Dark Delve, the player can create between 1-4 characters to tackle the adventure with. The game challenge is increased by using less than the full 4, but the player's end game score is increased greatly should they succeed. Each character is defined primarily through their assigned class, of which there are 3 options. Each class also has 3 different skill paths available to customize the character into their preferred role.


Masters of combat, Warriors complement their natural skill at arms with well timed strikes that can turn the tide of any battle. Their unmatched endurance and ability to wear the heaviest armor allow a warrior survive where others would fall.

Base Skills:

Cleave A sweeping attack that affects a group of enemies

Power Strike <BREAK>The warrior puts everything behind a single
powerful and accurate attack.

Skill Paths:

Barbarian An offensive specialization strong in self sufficiency

Knight This defensive specialization allows the warrior to shrug off even the mightiest of attacks and stay in control of the battlefield

Paladin A welcome addition to any adventuring party, a Paladin supplements the base abilities of the warrior with magical attacks and healing power


Steeped in Arcane traditions, Mages bring powerful magic to bear. Because of their intense study, Mages are able to use powerful skills more consistently and to greater effect than the other classes. This power does not come without a cost, as the Mage is unable to wear anything but the flimsiest cloth armor.

Base Skills:

Arcane Bolts The mage fires a pair of magical bolts at their target

Heal <BREAK>With the aid of healing energy, the mage repairs damage to a hurt ally

Skill Paths:

Druid Specializing in powers of Nature, the Druid is a powerful healer with great strength in both physical and magical realms

Warlock Those that choose the path of the Warlock gain the ability to sap the strength from their enemies while increasing their own

Sorcerer Mastery of the elements unlocks access to the most powerful magical attacks available


Dwelling in shadow and mystery, Rogues strike the balance between magical prowess and strength in arms. While lacking the raw strength and endurance of the warrior and focused spellpower of the mage, a rogue is equally skilled in both realms. Rogues are able to equip light
armor and have an uncanny knack for finding hidden traps and items.

Base Skills:

Hide By moving into the nearby shadows, the rogue becomes more difficult to hit and regains some lost strength and 2

Dirty Trick <BREAK>The rogue dazes their target with an unexpected maneuver

Skill Paths:

Assassin This specialization is the study of raw brutal power that can quickly punish and overcome the toughest of foes

Thief An opportunist, the Thief specializes in harassment and turning the enemy’s strength against them

Bard A support specialization that increases the survivability and confidence of allies while hindering their opponents

More detail on the different Skill Paths to come...

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