Sunday, November 20, 2011

Update...and swimsuits??

One of the stranger communications I received after releasing Dark Delve was a request to participate in a Video Game themed Swim Suit issue.  Not me personally, (and there was much rejoicing) but rather one of the characters from the game.  What the heck, I signed on up, you can see how it all turned out over at the Hairy Balls gaming site.

Progress on the Dark Delve update has been strong these last couple weeks.  The majority of the new content is completed, and mostly putting it through the paces to make sure nothing was broken as a result of all my tinkering.  With any luck I hope to submit the game back to peer review by the end of November.

The PC version is also nearly completed.  All that remains is fixing a few niggling issues here and there, and putting the game through its paces.  Finishing this up, as well as finding an online distribution channel will occupy my time once the update to the Xbox version has been submitted.  The PC version contains all the same updates.