Sunday, January 29, 2012

Balancing Act

I have been pleased that for the most part, the different classes and skill trees in Dark Delve have seemed balanced to those that have commented on the game.  However, it has been noted that there are some issues.  The main ones being that the Barbarrian Warrior build is the strongest, and that the Thief and Druid trees are lackluster.

I decided to do some balancing tweaks as a result.  These changes will be present in the first PC release (later this week) and will migrate to the Xbox version as part of an update in the next month.  My approach was to give preference to increasing the power of the weaker classes rather than reducing the power of the front runners.

  • Bloodlust is now an Accurate attack  *yep, first thing on the list is a small buff to what has already been noted as possibly the strongest class.  This tweak was done primarily as a means to further differentiate Bloodlust from Sunder and Smite, especially now that Sunder has been changed and is no longer the Accurate Tier 1 warrior ability
  • Sunder loses its accuracy and damage bonus and now produces 3 Defense Down stacks instead of 4.  However, it now makes use of Offhand and bonus Haste attacks, making it a strong single target chain generator and no longer penalizes the Knight once they gain offhand shield attacks.  It also means sunder has to be refreshed less often (assuming the Knight is Hasted or has an offhand attack)
  • Vengance has had its damage increased slightly to make it a solid choice even without negative conditions to transfer, and it also has the same effect on forcing the target to attack the Knight as Sunder does
  • Consecrate has had both its damage and healing multipliers increased

  • Puncture now has the Accurate attack trait.  Must like the change above to bloodlust, Puncture gains the niche that Trip has lost.  It also helps out the Assassin build quite a bit, which relies so heavily on setting up Envenom breaks, that a missed Puncture can be too costly
  • Trip has lost its damage and accuracy bonuses, but like Sunder above, it gains offhand and bonus strikes
  • Swipe now also restores HP to the rogue equal to the damage caused
  • Pacify has had its damage reduced slightly, as it was never intended to be a strong source of damage

  • Regrowth now grants a chain point its target (or 2 total chains if the mage casts it upon themselves) making it a nice setup ability
  • Primal Fury has had the damage contribution boosted greatly

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