Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dark Delve update coming

Just submitted the update to Dark Delve to peer review.  Here is what it contains:

  • 3 new challenge scenarios and nearly double the Might Deeds to collect.  New challenges will truely test your skill, the final challenge is a boss rush mode featuring nearly every boss enemy in the game
  • Increased hit rate.  Combat engine updated so that attacks will miss half as often as they currently do.  The status conditions Blind and Evasion increased to have the same overall effect as they currently do.
  • Endurance (hourglass) system removed from Challenges, and Normal/Easy mode Campaigns.  Now only found when the game is played in Hard mode
  • Rewritten 3d engine fixes white line glitches
  • XP now awarded for disarming traps, XP from combat reduced slightly to compensate
  • Altar locations now visible as special icon on map and mini-map
  • Item enchants (aka "of Sharpness", "of Wounding") increased in effectiveness
  • On use items that generate attacks now award chain points
  • Corrected issue with some on use items not working properly (one even had the opposite effect)
  • Added confirmation to purchases and sells at Shop
  • Can now fast forward through post combat scoring screen by hitting A button
  • Sell all Junk (items with a Gem icon) menu item at the store to quickly sell such items worth only gold
  • Volume of sound effects reduced slightly to align with music volume
  • Fixed issue with randomized Offhand and Weapon items in 3rd challenge (The Warrior's Calling)
  • Clockwork Inevitables in Challenge 2 slightly reduced in power
  • Characters in Challenge 2 now begin with Rune quality chest armor
  • Fixed issue with "Greedy" Deed that prevented it from being triggered correctly

The PC version of Dark Delve is also complete and includes all these changes as well (it is the same code base).  I will be looking around for a distribution platform now that it is complete, more details here as I have them.

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