Friday, December 14, 2012

Looking for a few good Marksmen...and Archangels...

I am not a very social person by nature, so I do tend to fall into the shadows for weeks, sometimes months at a time. The Shattered Throne project has been proceeding quite nicely. And I am hopeful that very soon I will be able to show something of an update to show how things are coming along.

The AI series is not done, I have actually been thinking about it quite a bit again lately. I reached a bit of a cart before the horse problem, where in order to make further progress, I really needed to finish the full game design. To that end I have added in the Undead faction, and thanks to some small unexpected profits from Shattered Throne, I was also able to pay artists for the assets for a third faction, the Nature/Fey faction.

Most of the videos I have done to date I have had the pleasure of my 10 year old son's company and help in narration. I shied away from narration in the past because it would take me all night to record a couple minutes of dialoge that I could live with, a nasty process consisting of 20 some takes per sentence...I am certainly not very good at thinking on my feet. With his help however, one take is enough, I now understand why sports commentators typically come in pairs.

Anyways, (sidenote, 'anyways' is my #1 goto word to start of sentences with, I have to be vigilant to allow only one such instance per email/post) I was recently checking through a collection of my son's school work that came home and the following assignment had me laughing, and I wanted to share it. There is no doubt that he is my son. Myself who grew up playing DnD, Nintendo, and Warhammer, I give you my own son, much like myself: