Sunday, September 27, 2015

Armies of the Dark Cabal

With terrible spells of binding and control, the most powerful of sorcerers bend unnatural forces to their will. Foul creatures from the other side fill the ranks of the Black Cabal. It is a determined wave that slowly moves across the land and smothers all life before them, becoming stronger with each death.

Slow and mindless, zombies absorb wounds that would fell any other. This makes them the perfect wall to protect more valuable and vulnerable units.

Armed with bows, these walking dead make up for their lack of toughness by attacking at range, while their bone thin forms make them difficult to target with return fire.

Eternally hungry, the scent of blood drives these creatures to madness. They are equally terrible in death, their diseased bodies poisoning all nearby enemies as they fall.

Their ghostly forms floating effortlessly across any obstacle, the cry of the banshee instills fear in their victims, causing them flee away in terror.

Serving as commanders, the deathknight empowers nearby forces with increased aggression and unholy attacks that strengthens the resolve of their forces. Even when defeated, the deathknight continues the fight as a zombie.

Lesser sorcerers in the dark arts, but still formidable. Necromancers fire shadow fire from afar, which will cause any enemy thus slain to rise under their power as a zombie. They also can cause a frenzy in their undead brethren, allowing an ally one last surge of action before causing them to explode spectacularly.

Capable of flying great distances, these princes of the undead thrive on operating behind enemy lines and picking off isolated units.

Existing partially in both the realms of life and death, their ghostly attacks slice indiscriminately through any armor, and each nearby death, friend or foe, permanently increases their strength.

Small skeletal ships that excel at tying up the enemy by crashing into them and entangling their rigging.

Ghost ship
Spectral ships drift across the oceans silently, offering a secure method to transport units.

All details are subject to change in the name of balance and flavor

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Shattered Throne

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Undead

With the formation of the Divine Empire of Elancia, the practice of magic was forbidden. Those who would practice its dark arts were endlessly pursued and brought to justice by her ever vigilant Witch Hunters. But the agents of the church could not be everywhere, and the secrets of black magic lived on in careful whispers and hidden cults.

In this environment, the foolish were culled, and the careful silently grew powerful. A coven of such masters banded together to form the Dark Cabal, and thus united, their seductive charm slowly began to fray at the threads that held the Empire together. Protected by minions born of foul sorcery and infused with energy to sustain their form, they play a patient game, slowly spreading their influence, rotting away the power structures of the Empire from within.

There is no virtue, only a quest for personal power. One should not be deluded of the real purpose behind their pursuits, but rather embrace this pure truth, and strive only to triumph by any means. Warlock Cassius Molgrave, 3rd Age

Monday, September 7, 2015

Armies of the Divine Empire

The Armies of the Divine Empire of Elancia are well trained and supported. Standing stalwart against all enemies, secure in the knowledge that their divine patron stands at their side. The Imperial army is durable force, with a focus on multi-target attacks which seek to maximize the effect of the battle combo system.

Strongest on the defense, and able to strike first against their attackers, these massed ranks of spearmen offer the Empire's first line of defense.

Steel clad Crusaders form the backbone of any Imperial assault, armed with greatswords which can strike all targets before them.

Priestess of the church are capable of healing wounded troops, as well as securing greater war funds at home.

Witch Hunter
Witch hunters provide basic ranged support for the Imperial war host. Their expert marksmanship can quickly redirect the focus of an attack, much to the despair of their target.

Riding swift steeds, the Squires of the Empire provide a quick reactionary force ideal for outflanking opponents and striking at their most vulnerable units.

The Grand Knights of the Empire are rightly feared for their ability to both shrug off attacks, as well as their powerful charges which smash through multiple ranks.

War Engine
Marvels of engineering, these great siege engines throw huge stones great distances, striking a large area that ignores any fortified position.

In times of great need, heaven herself defends the empire, and the Seraph are her warriors. Their fiery judgement strips the opponent of their greatest strength.

Swift wooden frigates transport forces across waterways, as well as offering a stable platform to conduct boarding actions.

War Galley
Majestic sailed vessels secure the shipping routes with the ability to project great force across a vast area both at sea and along the coast.

All details are subject to change in the name of balance and flavor

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Shattered Throne

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Empire

The Divine Empire of Elancia, a vast realm with an abundance of natural resources. Her Knights protect her borders along the formidable natural barriers of the Stoneshield Mountains to the east and the broken wastes of the Bone Marches to the south. Elancia also boasts a strong naval presence upon the Endless Ocean, growing rich from markets far and near.

Ruled by a hereditary line of wise monarchs, and watched over by their divine patron, the Empire has been truly blessed since its formation 2 centuries prior. Though none doubt the bravery of her guardians, many whisper that her prosperity has blinded many to a growing corruption within.

The machinations of greed and ambition ever toil and pick at the soft belly of complacency. -High Priestess Algdool, 3rd Age

Shattered Throne