Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Empire

The Divine Empire of Elancia, a vast realm with an abundance of natural resources. Her Knights protect her borders along the formidable natural barriers of the Stoneshield Mountains to the east and the broken wastes of the Bone Marches to the south. Elancia also boasts a strong naval presence upon the Endless Ocean, growing rich from markets far and near.

Ruled by a hereditary line of wise monarchs, and watched over by their divine patron, the Empire has been truly blessed since its formation 2 centuries prior. Though none doubt the bravery of her guardians, many whisper that her prosperity has blinded many to a growing corruption within.

The machinations of greed and ambition ever toil and pick at the soft belly of complacency. -High Priestess Algdool, 3rd Age

Shattered Throne

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